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UNIVE X is the first cryptocurrency that generates passive income in BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, XRP, ADA, DOT, DOGE, MATIC or AVAX. You just need to hold UNIVE and whoever chooses what currency you want to cash out with.


Initial burn of 10% of the total supply to reward the first buyers, then 1% of the tokens of each transaction will be burned to arrive at a final supply of 100 million tokens.




Initial supply of 1 billion tokens.1% of each transaction is burned for a final total supply of 100 million tokens.

Buy tax

A total of 5% transaction fees:
2% For holders.
2% Auto Liquidity Pool.
1% Burned.

Sales tax

A total of 6% transaction fees:
3% For holders.
2% Auto Liquidity Pool.
1% Burned.


A locked wallet is reserved for charity and will donate 100% of the passive income generated.


All liquidity that is not traded is locked for your safety. (The wallets are published on the whitepaper).


Team Dox.
LP lock.

Breakdown of the supply

🔵 Initial burn of 10% of the total supply.
🔵 1% of each transaction burned.
🔵 Final Supply: 100 million.
🔵 Wallet development: 6% of the supply.
🔵 Marketing wallet: 5% of the supply.
🔵 Charity wallet: 4% of the supply.
🔵 A total of 11% of the total supply is locked in for the long-term self-funding of UNIVE X with the rewards.


  • Installation of the structure.
    ➧ Website.
    ➧ Deployment of the various contracts on the BSC and ETH blockchains.
    (Base contract, rewards contract and bridges)
    ➧ Dapp for the rewards.
    ➧ Opening of the collection of NFT's.
    . .
  • AUDIT and KYC to start on a sound basis.
    . .
  • Launch of the NFT collection on Opensea.
    . .
  • ➧ Opening of liquidity pools and sales on UniSwap and PancakeSawp.
    ➧ Implementation of aggressive marketing.
    . .
  • ➧ Profile validation on Binance smart chain and Ethereum.
    ➧ Referencing of UNIVE X on different platform. Coinmarketcap, Coingecko..
    . .
  • Breakdown of the budget for the year 2023/2024 and official creation of the UNIVE Foundation.
    . .
  • Creation of the first ecological blockchain meeting strict specifications.
    Objectives: Environmentally friendly, fast, reliable, secure, inexpensive and decentralized.
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  • After the community vote, distribution of the cash collected for charities.
    Volunteers from the UNIVE X community will go to the various sites to help.
    All the actions will be filmed and broadcast on social networks so that everyone knows precisely how the money and the good that UNIVE X can do in the world has been spent thanks to the solidarity of all.
    . .
  • Opening of negotiations with the biggest financial and banking platforms to integrate UNIVE X into daily life around the world.
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InterFi conducted a KYC verification on the UNIVE X owner.
The KYC passed, so rest assured your funds are 100% SAFU.



InterFi conducted a security audit on the UNIVE X smart contract. The audit passed with a score in the 100's accross every parameter.


Cross-Chain UNIVE X bridge

UNIVE X to a BSC and ETH bridge.
And creation of the UNIVE blockchain for the end of 2022.

First decentralized and ecological blockchain.


Several exclusive NFTs collections.
An exclusive and limited collection.
An collection of collector cards.
An Avatar collection.
UNIVE X considers quality to be most important and we want to prioritize quality over quantity and this is one of the reasons why all UNIVE NFTs are animated and each NFT will be unique and only hit once.

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